Jaw crusher installation precautions


Jaw crusher is a simple structure, reliable operation and strong adaptability of broken equipment, get the favour of many users.Its widely used in mining, building materials, chemical industry and metallurgy and other industries.But the jaw crusher work conditions.In order to make the jaw crusher can work efficient, in order to prevent improper installation of failure, we need the correct installation of jaw crusher, and also should pay attention to the following questions.

1. Because the jaw crusher is vibrating at work, it is necessary to install the machine on the foundation of the concrete structure, which can reduce the influence of vibration and noise on the foundation of the building and structure. The foundation between the crusher and the concrete foundation To hardwood pads, rubber bands or other cushioning materials.

2. Reserve chute, and have enough Angle, should according to the liquidity of material to decide, shall not be less than 50 degrees.

3. Install the anchor bolts must be reserved for the hole, as the basis for secondary grouting.

4. When the installation of the equipment should be leveling, jaw crusher, the spindle and horizontal vertical.At the side of the equipment to leave proper space at the same time, used for repairing.

5. After the installation is complete, to commissioning of equipment.At the time of commissioning to start the motor, to see if the impeller rotation direction of the jaw crusher and the sign in the same direction.If there are not consistent, check the wiring is correct.In jaw crusher check after installation, can normal operation.

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